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WF 2000 Sunday, June 25, 2000 (Read 19 times)
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WF 2000 Sunday, June 25, 2000
06/25/14 at 12:30:57
Thinking back to my first real rock adventure on this day in 2000.  Headed from Watkins Glen to this mysterious place in the hills of PA to find Fantasy Island to see SCW; not easy to find the first time!  I was in awe of the atmosphere, the landscape, the music and, of course, the free beer and amazing ribs (had to eat in the tent because it was pouring rain). Fantastic time was had but didn't get to know any of the people there; regardless, I knew I'd be back given the chance.   I didn't know what a pivotal adventure that was and that I was just being introduced to this incredible group of people I now consider my family and friends.  I found a place to call home amongst the freaks and dreamers, even if I can only visit a few times a year.  Thanks to the Thompsons for continuing to pursue the seemingly unachievable, for taking risks, and for providing a place to overindulge in the things that are most important in life; laughter, beer, and music  -  all enjoyed with good company!
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Re: WF 2000 Sunday, June 25, 2000
Reply #1 - 06/25/14 at 12:51:12
AWE... sweet, Ms Sarah! Truly brought a tear to my eye. Let the musical madness continue @ WHEELIEFEST 16!!
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