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Just Returned From Court... (Read 32 times)

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Just Returned From Court...
04/12/12 at 12:56:40
I just returned from court facing the thief that infiltrated & robbed our property back in October. Since we caught him red-handed in the act he already agreed to plead guilty. Today was his sentencing thus I was in court to make a victim impact statement. Whilst certainly unnerving, I felt compelled to be a voice for others he has also robbed as well as making sure the Judge was aware that he was a 'chronic & habitual thief' un-phased by his numerous stints in jail. With the many thoughts & words swirling in my head over the past few months I confidently addressed the Judge and busy courtroom. I nailed it!! The Judge recognized my personal statement and sentenced him to consecutive jail terms(instead of concurrent) and offered all effected restitution which we won't see any of until after his 12-48 months in a state penitentiary.

Afterwards the DA & Victim's Coordinator whisked me into a side room informing me that my statement had a most dramatic & effective result on the Judge's final sentence. The DA told me I offered the most "concise, eloquent and accurate" victim's statement she's ever heard in court and doubted she could match it herself. I feel relieved, proud, and confident that my actions will improve the future safety and security of our tiny rural community. WHEW, I need a beer, I think I EARNED it!!
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Re: Just Returned From Court...
Reply #1 - 04/12/12 at 16:06:13
Right On Bryan! Glad your speech influenced a harsher sentence. Good job Bro!
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