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Message started by Bryan_T on 06/15/16 at 13:00:44

Title: WHEELIEFEST 18 - 8/13/16 Ticket Info
Post by Bryan_T on 06/15/16 at 13:00:44

WHEELIEFEST 18 ~ Saturday August 13th, 2016 @ Fantasy Island, Rowland PA

WHEELIEFEST 18 once again fully encompasses its long-term REAL ROCK mission to bring you the most INCREDIBLE band line-up we can possibly arrange. Much sweat equity has earned our prestigious title as the PREMIERE independent original REAL ROCK festival in America, bar-none!! While many things have changed dramatically since WHEELIEFEST '99, the spirit of the overall event has never wavered. It remains BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS and is simply MORE FUN THAN HUMANS ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE!!!!   JOIN US!!

Once again there will be an Earlybird discount ticket special for all those whose orders are POSTMARKED & paid by Mon June 27th. This should help spur advance sales so I can sleep a bit better as well as give me a sense of what demand is likely to be for my caterer & keg estimates. Also, we will again offer payment through PayPal so you can use a credit card but purchaser must help cover their fees. Info will be posted at the end of this thread shortly.

Postmark your WF18 ticket order(with payment) by June 27 and receive the Earlybird Special price of $75. After that date, price adjusts to the $80 advance ticket price until 7/25, then $85 til day of, $90 at the gate. As always entrance includes excellent catered BBQ dinner, unlimited FREE BEER, camping, swimming and AWESOME quality live Rock-N-Roll. WF18 will be highlighted as Nashville North since STONE SENATE, The VEGABONDS, and The CHESAPEAKE SONS all hail from Nashville, TN. KRISTIN CAPOLINO will also rejoin us from Woodstock NY. We remain in discussions with a few other potential additions as well. PREPARE for an OUTSTANDING line-up for this summers 18th annual WHEELIEFEST!!

Title: Re: WHEELIEFEST 18 - 8/13/16 Ticket Info
Post by Bryan_T on 06/15/16 at 13:05:27

As always there MUST be a reasonable amount of advance tickets sold to warrant the huge costs & risks associated with arranging a grassroots festival of this nature. I'd be pleased to see roughly 200 paid sales by end of July and believe this is an attainable goal this year. If you truly love this event, support it early on with an advance ticket order. I still need nearly 300 paid to guarantee all associated costs are fully covered but I refuse to put the bands at risk as I have no other means of covering a large deficit. Please order ASAP as history has already proven IT WILL BE MORE FUN THAN HUMANS ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE!!!! Tickets are limited and price at the gate is considerably higher unless of course it sells out ahead of time.

There will once again be a pre-party on Friday 8/12 with unlimited FREE BEER/camping/BONFIRE/combined BBQ as well as early admission to WF18. This will be similar to previous years, is ALWAYS a BLAST and allows all those that traveled a long distance to hang and party together the night before the GREATEST ROCK-N-ROLL EVENT OF THE YEAR!! EXPECT a few surprises so join the fray or miss the intimate memories. Please email me directly at for more info.

WHEELIEFEST 18 T-shirt sponsorships are available to anyone interested in supporting the event and having their name/business/etc printed on the back of the shirt. We are also seeking an overall stage & sound sponsor. More info available via email at: call (570)685-2153 or eventually will be posted in a separate thread on our website forum(Rumor Mill) at: For the most current up to date WF18 info go to our facebook page @ or go directly to

Title: Re: WHEELIEFEST 18 - 8/13/16 Ticket Info
Post by Bryan_T on 06/15/16 at 13:07:46

To help speed up entry at the gate, the $5 VEHICLE charge for camping can be paid in advance. Just add $5 to your ticket order per vehicle needed in the camping area(all others are free) and a vehicle camping pass will then be included along with your WF18 tickets. This charge does not apply to those not staying overnight and is necessary to help limit parking in the best camping areas.
Please send your ticket order ASAP in money order form to:

   Bryan Thompson, 1 Pontiac Place, PO Box 32, Rowland PA 18457

Ticket orders MUST include a large SASE with clearly written return addresses.


               WHEELIEFEST 18 - IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!

Title: Re: WHEELIEFEST 18 - 8/13/16 Ticket Info
Post by Bryan_T on 06/15/16 at 13:10:47

PayPal Info for WHEELIEFEST 18 Tickets:

PayPal has evolved into the preferred method of payment by most for WHEELIEFEST tickets so we will once again provide this optional service. If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, sign-up is free and then you can use a credit card through their site but there is a small fee. It is affordable, easy to use and works quite well.

1) Go to and log in or sign up if necessary.
2) Click on send money.
3) Type in my email of: (copy & paste to assure it's correct) and if it requires a name type in Bryan Thompson.
4) Make PayPal payment BEFORE mid-night June 27 and qualify for the Earlybird Special discount of $75 per ticket + $3 fee, total of $78 EACH. After 6/27 ticket price raises to $80 + $4 fee each(total $84) until 7/25, then FULL price of $85 + $4(total $89 each) afterwards. If you also wish to get your vehicle pass in advance add $5 to your order. If you wish to attend the pre-party on Friday the 12th, please email me first for arrangements at the above email. The pre-party has become an AWESOME event in it's own right so consider joining us early and making a complete weekend out of all the festivities.
5) Make certain your PROPER mailing address is legible & included with your PayPal order to assure prompt delivery of your tickets once they're received from the printer.

Of course standard mail orders with SASE are still accepted and encouraged(details above) but if you wish to use a credit card this payment method is easy, affordable and painless. Potential sponsors can also pay through PayPal but the fees will be slightly higher then tickets.

Any questions, problems or concerns email or call (570)685-1177



Title: Re: WHEELIEFEST 18 - 8/13/16 Ticket Info
Post by Bryan_T on 06/15/16 at 13:13:18


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